So, I am now in week six of my Runner’s World training plan for Dopey so since I didn’t do weeks one to five I thought it’s probably about time I made a start.  I slacked off quite a bit after Berlin and haven’t really ran since Lisbon Rock n Roll half when my heart rate started to go funny.   Hospital aid it was a virus so I took a week off and came back with a pffth rather than a bang.


Runner’s World Plan – Week 6


Week 6 – Actual miles

I was meant to do 36 miles in total this week but instead I did 20.  I was ill too days so I couldn’t move off the sofa (We don’t actually have a sofa at the moment so it’s a figure of speech) and I was meant to add on after today’s race but my heart rate went funny again.  It’s still 85 now, four hours later). I figure it’s probably more sensibly to build it back up anyway since I haven’t gone further than than 30 miles in a week since September.  I’m no longer running for times at any race until at least 2017 now so I did consider scrapping the plan altogether but if figured if nothing else it will help me get my fitness back up and help me race the 1,000 miles next year.  Until the plan runs out I don’t have to worry about what comes after.

Next week it’s 40 miles in total but if I can get to 30 and at least one long run I’ll be happy. I have two 10ks in one day next week too to start with the tired leg practise again.