If like me you’ve been hearing that Disneyland packages are no longer available then fear not, I know that at least one provider has places left because they sent out an email advertising places this morning.  Sports Tours International still have bookable places for all hotels online.  I booked through them and had no issues (Read my guide on how to registering for Disneyland Paris for more details).

You can only book direct with Disneyland Paris by phone so I’m not sure if they are still offering packages or not.    You have to pay the entire cost upfront when you go direct so Sports Tour International seems like a more appealing option.  The Travel provider for the US, GET Travel Sports, has been sold out for the cheaper hotels for a while but Run to the magic looks like it still has places to and people from the US can book with a UK provider.  A full list of providers is available here and this is the official website if you want more details.

Entries for the races only go one sale on the 12th January.