So, unless you’ve been living in a social media black out the last few days (which let’s face it is strong possibility in June 2020) then you’ll know that Care Bears are coming to Irregular Choice. It’s our first proper launch since 2020 started (50 billion years ago) other than the little Sushi collection and a first venture away from Disney launches. We knew it was coming, we’ve been told again and again that we’ve had our fill of Irregular Choice Disney, and I think that a Care Bears collaboration is a great way to ease the blow.

We don’t know much yet. There was the original teaser from Dan with a drawing of part of a bear’s head on a blank background, followed up a day later by the official announcement last Friday saying that there will be ‘shoes and accessories’ but nothing more specific. Then yesterday we got this:

Irregular Choice Care Bears

My first thought when i saw it was Bambi. Remember the Forest Friends flats?

Yes these ones. The green bear, who has to be Good Luck bear given the colour, is positioned in a very similar place that Bambi to Bambi so I’m guessing that these are a flat shoe or low heel. This would mean that the pastel pattern we can see to the very right is the inside of the shoe. It looks like it’s going to be very pretty and is similar colours to the background. Also, the design behind Wish Bear’s face in hinting at a lot of rainbows to come. Of course, being as it’s Care Bears, we’d expect nothing less. I’m already in love with how fluffy Good Luck bear looks. A clear indication that we’re not going in the Iron Fist Care Bear direction.

I need to know more now though, especially since i fell in love with @bee.irregular’s invention on Instagram. How amazing would these be as character heels. These are not the actual design ( the shoe is I Just Gnome It with Care Bear’s put in front) but they are truely spectacular. I almost had a heart attack when i saw them.

So I’m keeping my fingers crossed for more character heels, more fluffyness and please pretty pretty please a star bag. I’ll just have to keep singing Care Bear songs in my head until we know more.

I’m shining my colours so that everyone can see…

I can hardly wait to be a Care Bear…

Don’t wanna play trombone in a marching band…

I just want to see some Care Bear shoes. Pretty Please 😀