Yes, that’s right, Dorothy Perkins have now joined the athletics wear list   They’re calling it DP Active.

Need a gym wear overhaul? Don’t sweat it. The brand new Dorothy Perkins performance activewear range is here. Expect flat seams, reflective taping and breathable, airtex fabrics to keep you feeling cool and comfortable whether you’re hitting the gym, training for a marathon or doing a fun dance class with the girls. From yoga pants and ‘fitspo’ tees to bright coordinating gym wear, hitting your fitness goals never looked so good.

I get a bit sick of all women’s sportswear stuff being pink but I actually quite like how DP have mixed pale pink with grey and thrown a bit of purple in at times.  There’s vests, sports bras, leggings, shorts, jackets and tops with prices ranging from £7 to £24 in the current sale.  So it’s very affordable but there’s no reviews anywhere that I can find about how it actually functions.  Cheap doesn’t always mean bad, my staple running clothes come from Primark and they do me for everything except races so maybe DP Active could be some competition for that market? It just has to prove to be functional as well as pretty.










These 2 in 1 vest tops with a built in sports bra are reduced from £22 to £14.96.  I love the colour and the length and back detail make them a lot more appealing (and hopefully a lot more flattering) than regular running vests.  I’m not sure how well they’d perform. You’re probably not going to get a 5k pb in it but you can certainly look pretty for a long training run and I’m guessing more comfortable too.   Someone needs to go for a run in one and report back.  Maybe DP Active will wanna sponsor my 1000 race miles for MS by sending me a vest to try out (Worth a try!). 🙂

There’s the traditional sports block colours that we always get but I love the patterns and colour combinations thrown in.











I also love these shorts and leggings.  The shorts are £12 (on sale from £15) and the leggings £22 (full price).

My last favourite thing is this top that I actually just ordered from Debenhams because it was £12.75 instead of the £15 on the DP website. You gotta love a good slogan t-shirt but this one is actually tech so you can run in it and it has sequins. So feminine and fun but does it also perform at the same time?  I’ll let you know.  You can see the full range at DP Active (I would price check against Debenhams because some items are cheaper there).

Someone needs to start a fashion magazine just for running that isn’t just the major running brands that cost a gazillion pounds for a jacket.