So one month down and 104.7 miles.  That’s over 10% complete already and I can now say with authority that a 10% the day after a muddy marathon is not any easier than a marathon after 22.4 miles the three days before.The Tour of Merseyside has nothing on either.  🙂

I actually only ran 126 miles in total in January so that’s only like 22 training miles not at races.  I don’t want to replace running with racing so I need to work on still managing to balance both but being in the US for most of the month didn’t make it easy.

I still have 895.3 miles to go and some more races have been put on the list but there’s still another 240 miles to enter.

In total so far that’s 10 marathons, three ultras, two solo 24 hour challenges, the Tour of Merseyside and the Whistle Stop Tour, a 20 miler, 8 half marathons, 6 10k’s on the list.  50 races in total with quite a few more to add.  The plan is to get another couple of marathons on there (most likely Chester and Liverbird),  as well as some more halfs and as many parkruns as possible which haven’t been added in.  I’m only one month in but I’m actually pretty confident that I can smash this challenge.  I’m certainly not going to break any speed records, I highly doubt that I will get and PBs in 2016, but the goal is to make it across every finish line.

Hopefully learning to not be so hard on myself for ‘going slow’ and treating every race as a new experience regardless of how long it takes will help me become a better person in the process.  I’ve already ran with some amazing people and done things that I thought were beyond my capability so I’m really looking forward to the next 11 months.  I just need to try and get my training miles somewhere near my race miles now.

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