The United Nations think that the world population reached 7 Billion on October 31, 2011 (others disagree).  Apparently, according to a 1960 article in the US journal Science, dooms day is four days from now on 13th November 2016.  The article, which I haven’t read completely cos my eyes won’t work today (I miss reading), says that

“At this date human population will reach infinity if it grows as it has grown in the last two millenia”

It’s a bit of a crazy paper really, it suggests reducing fertility so that the average family size is 2 children (I think the average now is actually 2.1, conspiracy theorists should have a field day with that one.  Some evil entity subliminally controlling how many kids you have maybe) and there was a load of maths that hurt my head which basically said if you keep doubling-time you’ll get to zero on that date.  I’ve give up trying to understand the geek joke, it’s not the point really.

Whitman said that the point was that “that the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse”. What happens though when the play is no longer powerful, when you’re stuck in a Greek tragedy only everyone is sleeping with the enemy instead of their mother? I don’t know how to contribute a verse to that.  I’d much rather they just close the curtains and applaud themselves but it leaves me alone in an empty theatre not really caring whether the world ends or not.  It wouldn’t end completely anyways. Mankind would be wiped out but the planet would regenerate and create something new, it’s done it many times before and, as Jurassic Park taught me, life will find a way.  Sure, I’d be dead too but I don’t imagine I’d be too bothered because I’d be dead.

I just have no faith in humanity any more.  Yes there are plenty of people doing very very kind and nice deeds but generally on the whole we suck.  Greed and fear seem to be the strongest motivators and both are incubators of hate.  I tried to fight it and find the good in people but honestly I just don’t care anymore.  I can’t even be bothered to celebrate Christmas (my most favourite time of the year).  Christmas is religious to me not in the baby Jesus, manger, etc, way but as a time when you hold dear the idea of peace on earth and goodwill to all men (and women). I’m fresh out of goodwill and peace on earth is a pipe dream.  It’s never going to happen.  People can’t even be nice to a group of young men (regardless of their age) who have had their world torn apart.  They see indifference as a battle cry rather than an opportunity. Men can say that they treat women like crap and not only get away with it but be elected president. A woman who helped set the woman’s rights movement back 50 years by ‘standing by her man’ was his only opponent.  There’s a vampire in charge of the UK and an unelected head of state who is god knows where showing off her crown whilst the country has literally split in two. Racism is on the rise (or is being reported more which doesn’t make it any less sad or bad) and the tabloid press is enticing the killing of judges.  Judges. Seriously. Not even the legal system is free from attack.  I can’t cope with a world where people are still reading the Sun, the Express, the Star or Daily Mail.  By choice. How can you not look at the headlines and not want to vomit?  You’re paying these people to be racist and hateful on your behalf which in turn makes you more racist and hateful.  You’re money is paying for that.  I seriously can’t understand it.

Get people scared and hateful and you can pretty much get them to do whatever you want. And what people want is to elevate themselves and their social grouping above all else at the cost of all overs.  It’s happened many times before and it will keep happening.  Apparently 16,000 years ago cave men where hunting cave lions to extinction just to show off their garments to other cave men. It’s the human way and there’s 7 billion of us. What have we done for the benefit of the planet that will remain as a testament beyond our extinction? Anything? Or are we just forgettable?

Some days I feel like I’m never going to leave this house ever again (at least it’s a nice house).  I can go weeks without talking to people who are not my husband or my dog so it might have made me somewhat detached, forgotten and slightly jaded but a maths joke says the world might end in four days.  I can’t think of anything nice to say if it doesn’t.