Err sorry  to blurt it out like this but I may have to leave you. It’s not me, it’s kinda you. Sorry. It’s just that there’s three of us in this relationship. You, me and them. I have some pretty big issues with them, serious issues, and so it might be better if I just leave. You see they’re getting a bit, well a lot really, out of control cos they’ve got away with it for so long. It’s pretty serious and it’s hurting people. I just don’t want people to get hurt.

Now I’m not foolish enough to think you can change them and I don’t want you to tell them what to say or do. They are obviously free to say whatever they want. Yet at the same time I don’t want to be associated with them because of the hurt they create with such hateful hateful words. I like you, really I do, and I want to stay with you.  To stay though I really need you to understand me and promise you won’t be associated with them any more because if you are then so am I. Do you see what I’m saying? 

I’m just at that stage in life where I need someone that’s committed to their values. I’ll try but I’m  not sure I can even remain friends with you if you can’t show that you care and stand up for what you say you believe in.  Especially when I know you have it in you. The right path isn’t always the easiest and I understand why you are hesitant, you have a lot on the line, but I really think you’d be better for it. I honestly do.

I’m hoping that you and I can work it out, that we won’t let this bigotry come  between us, but if not then I’m sorry. It was nice knowing you and I’ll see you around some time. Maybe at a #yeslego store.

Take care

Sarah x