Seriously, like Run Disney races used to sell out all the time in hours. I am now obsessed with checking if Dumbo Double Dare is sold out.  It isn’t.  The longer there are entries available the more I want to go but I can’t cos I can’t go to stupid America on my stupid own and another race holiday for the Mr will cause him to like spontaneously combust (He’s still fuming cos I’m doing a half on our cruise and he won’t even be awake when I do it!).  If people, the world, karma, the universe loved me then they’d all enter, it would sell out and the torment would be over.  Have you even seen the medal? Well medals, you get three, but come the challenge medal has Dumbo on it.  Dumbo has to be one of the best Disney characters ever.  I’m not really complaining (well I am, but I know how ridiculous it sounds) cos I’ve already done 4 Disney races this year and I have two in Paris to go but look at that medal.  It needs to sell out so that I can get on with grieving the loss of not being able to go.