Ran my 1000th mile yesterday.  There was like fireworks and everything.  Well, ok, the fireworks weren’t for me but it was still pretty cool to see them in all directions.  I stopped at the top of Red Lane to watch the flashes of colour all over town and it was pretty cool, especially since it was all downhill after that.  It reminded me why I like running, you can cover a large area of where you live just in a 7 mile run and see so many different things that you’s most likely miss in a car.  People need to start wearing bright colours now though, I saw so many people running in black.  I know it doesn’t feel like winter (I was running in a vest and wishing I had shorts on instead of 3/4s) but it’s still dark so I would have thought you’d want as much of a chance of being seen by drivers as possible.

The plan Dopey said 6 miles with hills but I added an extra because I only did 3 miles instead of 2 earlier in the day and also to take me over the 1000 (I only need another 21 miles to beat last year now).  Today was a lot easier than my last run, actually quite enjoyed it.