Not running related but I just found a major error with the History Channel show Hunting Hitler.

The show has spanned eight episodes, trying to find evidence that Hitler didn’t kill himself in the bunker like we were led to believe. I thought this show had hope at first but I have just proven one theory wrong with two seconds on google maps. The house on Nahuel Huapi Lake with it’s supposed ‘sunken bunker’ behind the house? This is the house that the investigators on the show went all commando on, sneaking around through the mud and everything in episode 7.

house 2

House investigated

They match the house to these plans and decided to go looking for the little house at the bag.  When they found a ventilation pipe instead they decided that the house must have been turned into a bunker. Why would you have a bunker behind your house?  Why for Hitler to live in of course.


Plans linked to investigated house

Err, no. They were looking at the wrong plans. Go slightly up from the house they were looking at and you’ll find a house that matches the plans exactly.  It’s right there now on google maps.  The houses are exactly the same shapes and there’s even that little round thing between them.

house 1

Actual house that plans are for

H1 is the house that was investigated whilst it is H2 match the plans used.  Wrong house or wrong plans, either way it’s a very sloppy investigation if I can figure this out in two seconds. (There’s also a road next to both houses so why they need to sneak in by boat?).

Houses 3

H1 investigated house. H2 house in the plans.