Image owned by Sarah Richards

There are some amazing people in the world and I’ve met quite a few of them thanks to running.  Last year at the Tunnel 10k I got really ill.  Running through the tunnel was like running through one of those things that spins around at fun fairs, I had no idea which way was up or down any more and the whole thing just kept spinning.  Your head thinking that you and a whole lot of other people are running on the ceiling upside down is not a pleasant feeling and it made me really ill. My movement disorder actually makes me get motion sick if I can’t see the horizon which in turn kicked off an episode of my movement disorder.

I came out of the tunnel in a pretty bad way.  I couldn’t talk, my sight pretty much went and my head was all fuzzy.  I really wanted to finish the race but I was really struggling.  Then I found Derek and Stan (dressed as fairies, well Stan was more of a hippie in a purple wig). They helped me through the rest of the race and got me to the finish, I wouldn’t have been able to without them and they even managed to make it fun.  I thought I’d never be able to run that race again (Not unless I swam across the Mersey instead of running under it) but then my Fairy Godstanfather steps up again and decides that I can, if him and Derek lead me through blindfolded.  I thought it was the craziest idea ever but after doing a test blindfold run along the Prom with Derek today I’ve changed my mind.  On the 19th June I’ll be running blind through the Mersey Tunnel, led by two of the most amazing men I know.  Should be fun 🙂