So yesterday was a strange day.  I got told I can no longer be a run leader for ones of my running clubs.  The exact words were

“We can’t have you representing our club”

It hit me pretty hard.  Like telling Kel that he can’t have orange soda hard.  Leading runs and volunteering was the only reason I went to that club.  I can’t even remember the last time I went there and ran for myself.  So being told I’m not a good enough person to be a run leader with no opportunity to defend myself against the reasons that I’m not allowed to know the specifics of.  It must have been at least over a year ago (someone’s not been paying attention as I’ve been a run leader loads of times since then) so even if they would tell me what I’m meant to have done how can i possibly remember enough to actually be able to give my side?  I’ve already been assumed quilty though (of what i still don’t know) so it doesn’t matter.  At first I was upset and angry, the really furious injustice kind, but then I got over it and moved on.  Their loss right (literally, they paid to train me).  I will miss everyone, well most people (those who constantly brag about what an amazing run leader they are but haven’t even led a single session yet excluded) but life’s too short.

Besides, despite being told I was a horrible person, yesterday was a really good day.  The first is completely non-running related.  We’re going to see a potential new family member tomorrow in the form of a seriously cute black lab puppy.  I have no words about how excited I am.  It’s sad too as it’s been just over 4 months since we had to put our baby Gizmo to sleep and we miss him so much every day but it feels like the right time.  I miss dog hugs and dog conversations (they make far more sense than people).

The second bit of good news was like a cherry on top of the day.  I got into Chicago marathon.  It was my third attempt and I was expecting another rejection failure but it actually said

Congratulations! Your application for an entry to the Bank of America Chicago Marathon has been selected.

Then I came up with an epic idea.  Well actually it was my mother who should take the credit.  When I was telling her about Chicago I mentioned that there was still the New York marathon lottery to go.  So asked me if I’d stay in the US for both as the dates are pretty close, three weeks apart. I honestly hadn’t noticed but straight away I realised the opportunity for another US road trip and so I’ve entered New York marathon through Sports Tours International.  The plan is to run Chicago then travel to Niagara Falls marathon, then on to Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC (If I’m lucky enough to get a place) and finally ending up I New York to run probably one of the most iconic marathons in the world.

Four marathons, in four different US states in three weeks.  It will be like on last hurrah before I come home to run the final 10 marathons in 10 days, claim the 100 victory and then retire from running forever (or at least a week, I’m considering doing Lanzarote again the week after).

If you add in Berlin which I got into too, that’s three world major marathons next year out of 6.  I think it’s going to be an amazing year.

I know not everyone is going to like me, that I’m pretty annoying at times, but I also know I have a small group of amazing people who always support and encourage me and it’s these people who make it possible for me to believe that I can do crazy things like this. You just have to let the negative people go and focus on the positive because if you (and those around you) believe that you can then you will.