I love this brand.  I first saw it at the Liverpool RnR expo and wanted everything but with tops starting from £50 it’s a little out of my price range.  I’ve been obsessed with running dresses for quite a while now and there’s a Lornah one that I always keep coming back to.  It’s actually a three piece shorts, a crop top and dress that can be worn together or separate but at £89 it was hard to justify (especially since I have to enter 1000 race miles this year) but for the next two days Lornah Sports are offering 40% of everything on their site, including my lovely dress. Just enter the code LOVELORNAH.

It has just been ordered for £53.40 (Saving £35.60) with free delivery.  It actually works out as £17.80 per each of the three items which is still on my higher end of clothes running spends (I’m pretty cheap) but I spent a lot of time drooling over the products so I know it’s good quality.  The brand actually has a great story too, all about women empowerment.  I’ll tell you more when I get and review my lovely new dress.

Here’s some more highlights from the site (All photos are owned by Lornah Sportswear) https://www.lornahsports.co.uk