Medals from 25 marathons

Saturday in the start of my first 10in10 (10 marathons in 10 days just in case you were wondering) but it’s also my 75th marathon and the 26th of the 52 marathons in 52 weeks. So when I complete the next 26.2 miles I’ll officially be half way though the challenge. Rather than dealing with the terrifying fear of having to run a marathon every day for ten days straight I thought I’d focus instead on the challenge journey so far and give myself a refresh on what it’s all for. Here we go:

Marathons ran – 25 (74 in total)

Duration – 208 days or just under 30 weeks

Distance – 678 miles

Longest race – 50 miles

Fastest time – 3:49:33 (Adjusted due to course distance)

Slowest Time – 5:44:30

PBs – 3 (Technically but 15 if you count double, triple and quad marathon PBs which of course i think you should)

Countries – 2

RIP Trainers – 5

Favourite race – So hard to choose but I loved running Brighton. I didn’t care about my time, just had fun and ran for the love of it until towards the end when i realised i could get a pb. Then we hit like 3 miles of crazy head but i still get my first sub 4.

Favourite moment – Finishing the final race of the 7 in 7 and being told I was the fastest women over the challenge. I got faster every race and finished strong thanks to Jeffing and my Jeffing Guru Nicola.

Toughest race – Snickerthon. It was plus 30 degrees on a beautiful but unsupported course. No water stations, only what you carry. If it wasn’t for the ice cream van promise i made for the last lap I’m pretty sure I’d still be there. It was mentally and physically so tough, much harder then running 7 marathons in 7 days.

Biggest achievement – Other than completing my first Quad and then the 7, three PBs in a row for my 15th, 16th and 19th marathons of the year plus two sub 4s without ever having to complete a marathon training plan.

Biggest lesson – That we set our own barriers, something i need to remember come Saturday. You never know what your limits are until you can’t push no more so approach everything with the attitude of who knows what you can you rather than fearing that you can’t. My best (and actually fastest) races so far have been where I’ve just relaxed, tried to have fun and not put any pressure on myself. I’ve also learn’t that Jeffing is ace.

Looking forward to next – Seeing how many audio books i can get through in 10 days and 262 miles.

I’m out of questions now. Not sure who reads these things but if you have any then fire away. It will be interesting to see how or if the answers change after my 52nd marathon of the 52 weeks.

I’m racing 52 marathons in 52 weeks for
Warrington Disability Partnership. They are a very special charity who do amazing things for local people so if you can spare any cash please feel free to sponsor me.