I know I’m lucky and have a pretty good life and I know this because my problem is so first world trivial. Im getting fed up of the Judge. Judge Judy that is. The lady is literally the only person who always speaks sense I think but I’ve been stuck in my chair all week. I think I’ve overdosed on JJ episodes, infact I know I have because my Virgin box has actually ran out of recorded episodes twice this week and I had A LOT! 

I miss talking to people who are not James, Giz or the Judge and I really want to go for a run. Instead I’m sulking because I can’t go for a run and I’m meant to be going to my club’s award evening tonight but I can’t talk or use a knife and fork.  It’s with people who have not really seen me ill so it’s pretty daunting. If I could go run I’d feel better.

I’ve spent several months trying to be a nicer person and be more generally zen like. Each time I face a situation where I could allow negative emotions to take over I ask myself what would Judge Judy do. Things like blocking people on Facebook who insult you, denying the existence of Farage, hiding any post with illegal race photos, etc (All Facebook examples, I should really stay off it more). I think today she’d tell me to stop whining and find something productive to do with my time. Does watching more Judge Judy count?