A little later than I’d generally want but just got back from a quick mini break holiday so here’s a very quick guide to to Halloween launch tomorrow.

When and where?

12 noon tomorrow, Friday 2nd October, at Irregular Choice but also at the list of stores below if you scroll down.

So what’s going to happen?

IC generally use a virtual queue for their launches. It had issues for Care Bears part 2 last week so it was turned off. If it’s back, here’s my experience from previous years:

Be on the website 30 minutes before

Be signed in

Have anything else you want to order already in your basket

Shortly before the launch the website with change and then you’ll be placed randomly into a virtual queue. The screen will count down and tell you how long you have left to wait and then when it’s your time you’ll get redirected to the site. You usually have 20 minutes or so to shop but it will tell you on the screen.

Irregular Choice usually put photos of the entire launch on their facebook page with prices either just before or dead on launch time.

Independents will be first come first served and it may be useful to check them whilst waiting for the official site but do note that they have far less items so sell out quicker and some items, such as the scarf, will be exclusive so you can only get it direct from the official site.

The Independents we know that are sell the Halloween collection are:

Rockamilly (Klarna) – They’ve also done a release guide (*for 10% discount scroll to the bottom)

Lotties Atik

Daisy Mae Boutique (Klarna)

Lovely Boutique

Shoe Emporium

I’ll update the list if i find more.

So what will be for sale?

I have to say I’m loving this collection. Officially, at the moment we know the following:

Fright Night – Amazing Ghost train boots we a return of last years’ skull heel. The eyes light up again but the skull also glows in the dark. I don’t own any so i think the glowing is a new thing? The heel height of 3.5cm seems wrong on the website. Maybe they’ve put it in inches which would be 8.8cm and seems about right.

Ectoplasmic – I loved these shoes as soon as i saw the ghost covered heel that hides the skeletons but on closer inspection it appears these shoes play spooky music. This is very exciting. I can’t wait to see them in action. I love the colours of the Boo and I’m always a big fan of Mary Janes. 9.5cm high.

Do You Vodoo & the Potions For Two bag – The shoes are very reminiscent of Mange Tout and have a good shoe v evil shoe vibe that we’ve seen before. They’re still a bit of a higher heel at 9.2cm. They’re going to look so so good with the bag i think. The bag looks like a similar size to the Picture Perfect bag whose name escapes me.

Night Terror – Who hasn’t been crying out for gingham a cat vampire bat boot I ask you? The cat is the same as this season’s box and sole as well as the new Miaow At The Moon bag so i wonder if we’re going to get a Halloween version? The coffin on the left shoe opens to reveal another cat but i’m not keen on the spider. Argh. Heel height 8.6cm.

On The Web – The lowest of the collection so far. These are the same height as Ban Joes at 7.2cm. The rainbow snakeskin effect on the shoe looks stunning and I love the web. The spider freaks me out a little even though it is plastic but i have learnt to live with them on my Haunted House boots.

Its Alive slipper – I may be wrong but i think this is the first time we’ve seen a boot slipper. It’s so much fun. I can imagine winter being a lot more fun with these on your feet but we need a matching dressing gown. The soles of IC slippers are generally quite substantial. I wear mine outside in the garden quite a lot and they’ve faired well. They don’t even get you feet wet when you put the bin out in the rain.

So that’s what we know. What do you think? Both Lotties Atik and Daisy Mae Boutique have also shared that they’re going to be having an exclusive too. They’ll be releasing a photo shortly before the Halloween launch so I’m guessing its a new colour Nick of Time or Ban Joe. We’ve already had exclusive Nicks recently and as I can’t wear them I’m really hooping it’s a Ban Joe. A Halloween Ban Joe. How amazing would that be?

What if it sells out

Usually most stuff that sells out can be found. Check the independents as well as the Official site and set up alerts on the official site. You can also set up an ebay alert for the shoes you want as quite a few of the independents sell on there too. Eclectic sell on Ebay and Amazon so check both.

Facebook groups like Irregular Choice buy, sell and worship sometimes set up a post to link buyers searching for something specific to stockists. You can also try giving the Irregular Choice stores a call. They generall post on social media if they have the collection. The Manchester store have said they’re getting the collection so always worth a try but remember everyone else will be calling them too.

*If you’re a new Rockamilly customer and you’d like 10% discount on your order you can use this code –  REBEL27

Best of luck and i hope everyone gets what they want x