I’m a little bit obsessed with shoes.  For many years it was all about the high heels.  I got a little distracted by running shoes for a while but now that I’m in a fully committed relationship with my New Balance 1400 my mind has been allowed to wander back to pretty things to put on your feet.  My main addiction is with a company named Irregular Choice.  I’ve spent the last year collecting most of their previous Mickey Mouse & Friends collection and I was on a shoe ban for a while but then IC announced a new Toy Story collection.

IC love to keep everyone guessing (I hate waiting) and so far only a pair of Woody and Buzz character heels, Alien flats, a clutch bag (which i seriously love) and a pair of tights have been previewed on their website and social media.  If previous Disney releases are anything to go by I think that there’s a lot more to come.  There’s gotta be some cowboy boots and hopefully some more heeled characters.  I’d love heeled aliens because I’m not really a fan of flat shoes.  So far I have to have the bag because it’s amazing, especially because it’s double sided.  It has the Alien with an alien print one one side whilst the other side is classic Toy Story.   I like the heels but I need to see them in person I think.  Lucky for me I’m one of the randomly chosen few who have been invited to the pre launch sale the night before general release, which is on Friday 25th May.   Heeled shoes will likely be around £200, flats £130 and the clutch bag £40 based upon the prices of other recent releases.


The gallery below contains all official images released so far.

All images are owned by Irregular Choice.