Review date: 14/08/2014

I’m not sure if it’s a new runner thing or not, but I can’t run far as fast speeds without a drink.  I burn up quickly and end up having to walk which is not ideal but I also struggle to hold something in my hands whilst racing so I don’t like to carry a bottle.  When I saw Fitsip circulating on Facebook I thought I’d give it a try as it has a flexible bottle that fits into a sleeve to go on your arm

The armband is made out of really light material and is easy to adjust to fit the arm but it does feel a bit like being a robot and you may find yourself holding your arm out and making shooting noises.  My arms are quite thin so I have to make it as small as possible which means that there is a lot of excess material I’m carrying that isn’t needed. Hopefully they’ll design a smaller women’s version at some point.  It does make your arm get quite hot, I’ve thrown it off on the final sprint to the finish a few times but it’s only really an issue on very warm days.  I used it during the Pie & Peas 5 recently which was a little bit cooler and it was completely comfortable for the entire race.

The flexible bottle only holds 200 ml so is not suitable as bottle replacement for long runs but is perfect for short races under 10k where water is not provided or for 10k’s on a very hot day.  It really helped me a lot during the Dunham Massey 5k, don’t think I would have got a PB without it as when I started to burn up I could take a sip rather than having to slow down or walk.  It’s only really suitable for races though, for training runs I would use a normal bottle.

It’s very easy to fill, although  you need to make sure you keep the bottle flat, and the bite valve is genius because it makes it really easy to get a mouthful of water quickly without and spilling or leakage.  You can also buy replacement bottles and bite valves without having to buy a new sleeve and the sleeve comes in six colours.

It’s a genius idea but still has some flaws to be worked out.  To find out more please visit


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