The Boot Buddy

I never ever buy anything from adverts but I was strolling through Facebook last month and saw an advert for the Boot Buddy.  Now, I clean my shoes about just as often as I but things off Facebook but I took part in the muddiest muddy mudfest cross country ever in February and was watching this video thinking of the lumps of mud hidden in a bag in the hall.  They were far worse than the shoes shown in the advert and there was no way it could be as easy as they made it look so I though, why not give it a try. 

Boring stuff out of the way first.  It cost £12.99 to order online off the official website plus £3.99 for p&p.  There was an option to get different bundles with some shoe fresheners, a microfibre cloth or various shoe care products but I was convinced it wouldn’t work so I went for the basic and cheapest option of just the Buddy on its own.  It arrived within a week but then sat in the living unopened for a month because I really really don’t like cleaning shoes.

Anyway, fast forward to today and I thought I’d better get on with it.  The weather was ok, nothing had come of the rain dance and my arm hadn’t fallen off so I really had no excuse.  To make it more interesting I thought I’d film it as my first ever video review.  You can watch the video below.

I’m having an okish day today health-wise, my hands can probably hold a fork but not use a knive.  Given that, I have to say that the Boot Buddy was really easy for me to hold and squeeze to get water out, even with my dodgy movement disorder (and a seriously cute dog getting in the way every five seconds). I’d really recommend it for any muddy shoes.  I will use it to clean my trail shoes too.  At some point. Eventually.  They’re nowhere near as bad as my spikes were though.  For the Boot Buddy to get them that clean in ten minutes with minimum effort from me is pretty impressive.  Now if they could just find a way to keep water loving chocolate labs away from you whilst you use it then it would be perfect.

I am in no way affiliated with Boot Buddy nor was I paid in any way for my opinion of the product.