Day 7 and man it was hot. The last few days it was really warming up by lap 5 but today it was on from the start. I’ve never appreciated frozen water so much.

Today was the first day where i thought i seriously might not finish because the heat was just so unbearable. I think that jeffing really helped me get through today because I’ve gotten into such a habit of just doing what my Garmin tells me. When it says run i run and then try not to crawl for the 30 seconds that it lets me walk. Unless there’s a hill of course. I ain’t running up hills, forget that.

The other plus is that we know the course now. By the end of the day us TiTs had done the lap 55 times (56 if we didn’t do parkrun on the first day). I don’t even have to think about it now, I’m pretty sure i could run it in my sleep. Advice to people joining us for one or two days though, if a green bibber tells you you’re going the wrong way you should probably listen rather than being rude to us. Just saying 🙂

Here’s my thought of the race, mostly about water.

Thought of the race

So, a bit of randomness

  • At one point I thought a bush was a person. Really freaked me out.
  • I love Sam but not Janine. She needs to stop taking over the missions.
  • I am runner 5.

I’m racing 52 marathons in 52 weeks for
Warrington Disability Partnership. They are a very special charity who do amazing things for local people so if you can spare any cash please feel free to sponsor me.

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