Day 4 started well, other than being late again that is.  I literally made it just in time for the start.   Today was the fourth day on the same course, something I’ve never done before.  It’s good in a way because you know ever single step of the route now so even I can’t get lost (I even helped some people going in the wrong direction) but you can’t think about it too much otherwise you’re it starts to get to you.  I daren’t even count how many more laps there is to go.    How many more times up the never-ending hill, how many more times I hate to touch the turn around (bright eyes) fence or go around the blumming cone.  Me and the cone have developed a very one-way dependant relationship already.  I hate the thing but when a van got a little too near it the other day I was pretty upset.  I sing a cone song in my head every lap and it’s even my quote photo for the day.  I’ll be a little sad when I don’t get to see it 8 times a day, maybe.

I changed my ratios for today to 90/30 run walking and I felt quite strong for the first few laps, listening to music and Zombies Run app.  By half way it was way too hot. I don’t know what it was, perhaps a mixture of dehydration and really dry air, but I drank for the entire last three laps but never stopped feeling thirsty. I also ran out of Zombie missions and I felt like I’d heard every song a billion times.  I’m in desperate need of some new songs in my playlist but I don’t think I have the mental capacity to go through and find them, hence my plea of the day rather than thought of the day.

I managed to complete the marathon and the extra ultra mile well within the time limit but it wasn’t easy today.  Apparently day 3 and 4 are the worst and it doesn’t get any harder so lets see what tomorrow brings.