I had a really great time tonight running along my favourite prom.  As part of the build up to the Liverpool Rock and Roll marathon weekend, the organisers, Contest Sports & Media Limited, set up social runs once or twice a month.  They’re free events and a lot of run.  Last time we got to wear glow paints (be careful who you let paint your face else you’ll end up with neon chicken pox) and eat hot dogs for the Vegas Kickoff night and today we got to try on and run in CEP socks and sleeves.

My legs are still not loving me yet and my feet really hurt from Sunday so thankfully Adrienne, who works for Contest Sports & Media Limited, let me be back marker so had a perfect excuse to move slow.  The run was as fun as always.  There’s generally quite a mix of abilities and speeds but everyone is friendly and supportive.  No one gets left behind and apart from the few who just can’t resist a race at the end it’s not competitive at all.  It’s a perfect display of running at it’s best really and i love the inclusiveness.  Most of us got stuck together for a while near the end of the run because the bridge was up so perfect excuse for a bit of social chatter.  It was also quite an experience seeing so many bright bright socks running around.  You certainly couldn’t miss us or get lost but it really was great to get to try them out.

We got measured up before the race.  The socks and calf sleeves sizes are based upon the circumference of your calf.  I’m not sure how this works with feet sizes because I only tried the sleeves but they seemed to fit everyone.  I did learn how to get the socks on though.  You turn the sock inside out, hold the toe with one hand and pull through the heel to create a little foot.  You can then slide your foot in and pull the sock up.  It sounds harder than it is, there’s a video on the CEP website that shows it better than I can explain it.  Getting the sleeves on is considerable easier and they actually overlapped the top of my socks really well without moving.   

Running in them was really comfortable.  I have compression socks from Adidas, Asics and More Miles but I pretty much treat them as leg warmers.  They annoy me so much that I generally push them down after a mile or two when my legs get to warm.  I’ve tried other versions too that push more on the legs but they give too much pressure.  The CEP calves are so light and support rather than push, they feel really great on the legs and sleeves have the added benefit of being able to change the type of socks and level of feet cushioning without having to buy lots of different variations.  They’re not cheap, the socks that people were trying on are £39.99 whilst the sleeves are £32.99, but I really think that they are worth it because the quality is amazing.  There’s the option of a night version too that have reflectors on the sides.  All are available to buy online at http://shop.cepsports.co.uk/.  I really want some myself but I get a pair for being a CEP pacer for the Rock n Roll half so will just have be patient. My legs felt a lot less angry when I was wearing them so I think they’re a must for after the next 26.2 (which is only five months from now, arrgghh!!).

Before the run there was a minute’s silence to remember the 96, it’s hard  to believe it’s been 26 years.  The beautiful sunset over the Mersey tonight was a nice tribute to their memory.