I completely fell in love with the Peter Pan’s Flight themed Minnie Mouse The Main Attraction for June. Like many, i was so gutted that the bag and ears sold out in minutes. They were already on eBay for crazy amounts so i thought I’d never own one.

My amazing husband saw how ad i was so he started watching the website religiously (even though he thinks bags and ears are dumb) and it paid of. ShopDisney released a second batch for pre-order and his constant refreshing paid off. We were one of the first to see the second release and he managed to grab me ears and a bag with plenty of time to spare. It took maybe another 20 minutes for them to sell out the second time.

The bag was meant to arrive mid August but it actually came last week. Here’s my unboxing:

The upside badge is a bit annoying but given everything it has taken to get hold of one (especially at rrp) I’ll learn to live with it. Mine is the only upside down I’ve seen so i guess it makes it even more special.

The bag is absolutely stunning. It’s so shiny and sparkles and the the detail is so pretty.

Photos below: