Today, not for the first time, someone who I’ve never met reached out to me via my Just Giving page to say thank you for inspiring them.  No ulterior motive, no giving to get something in return, just a genuine act of kindness.  It’s easy to forget that such things exist sometimes (one person was actually going to buy shoes which makes it even more amazing, I feel I need to find her and give her a pair of mine). 

You can have an impact on someone, anyone and you may never even know it.   Something that you do, no matter however big or small, can have a positive or negative chain reaction on people completely unbeknownst to you.  So doesn’t that mean we should pay more attention to what we put out there into the universe?

I’m not really religious but I am a very strong believer in the idea that you get back what you give.  My theory, pretty much stolen from Tomorrowland, is that you have to feed the wolf that is light and hope.  Not so much to get something back directly.  If you’re positive, it spreads to those around and your reward is seeing those people happy.  You pay happiness forward. You pay it forward but what I’m discovering is that you have no idea how far it may spread.

So here’s what I’m going to do.  I have 262 miles of this challenge left.  I’m dedicating a mile to everyone who needs it.  Obviously the superstars who have donated to Warrington Disability Partnership on my behalf get a mile, that goes without saying, but if you need one of the remaining miles it’s yours.  Yes, it’s not going to help you pay your bills, stop your depression, help you get over a loved one or find something on TV other than I’m A Celebrity but maybe just maybe it can make you feel better for a little while, get a smile or maybe just maybe it might help you do something that you wouldn’t normally be brave enough to do.  If I can just give you a little bit of the determination, stubbornness and posititivity that’s got me though the last 91 marathons and will get me over the next 10 finish lines to just one person.  Get one person to say to hell with it let’s do this… (insert whatever it is you want to do here).  You don’t even have to tell me or anyone.  Just take a mile, or two or three.  They’re yours and I’m running them for you, even if it’s only you that knows it.  A little bit of my strength and positivity is going to spread to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.  You don’t even need to say thank you and you’re very welcome.

We are all misfits living in a world on fire.

This one is for you.