Back in in April (which seems a billion years ago) Irregular Choice launced the Sushi range which was quite frankly simply adorable. We were told at the time that the launch was a calboration with an Australian clothing company called Sarsparilly and that there would be dresses and accessories to follow at some point in the future. Well the future is now.

So far, IC have given us three items of the collection, a seriously beatiful dress, a hair clip and necklace.

The dress looks simply stunning and seems to be the exact same mint green as the Bento Baby shoes. Here’s a quick look at the colours featured in the shoe collection:

I’m thinking there might be other dresses in the other three colours featured on them shoes so the pink, yellowy mustard and blue.

Adjustable spaghetti straps, a bit of stretch in the fabric and pockets, it’s perfectly vintage style kawii. It looks like it will be in sizes xs to xxxl in the uk (It goes up to a size further on the Sarsparilly site to 4xl). There’s no size chart on the Irregular Choice website but i found this one below on Sarsparilly.

There’s no price listed on the IC website but there is on Sarsparilly and it’s a bit of an ouch I’m afraid. $299.99 which according to google is around £165. Shoes are around £25 or £30 more expensive on the Australian site so there is hope that there may be a bit cheaper in the UK. I’m guessing somewhere between £120 and £150.

Whilst we deal with that let’s move on to the other two items. A very very pretty On a Roll hairclip and the Sushi Me Rollin necklace. The necklace sees the return of some of the cutest food characters from the Sushi range including my very favourite Soy sauce bottle from the I’m Soy Into You purse. I love the rainbow effect of the necklace cord too,

The collection launches on Friday at 12pm and is an exclusive to Irregular Choice and Sparsarilly by the looks of it. UK independents won’t be getting these.