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Before I get to the top ten running finds from today’s expo I wanted to mention a few companies that I loved but didn’t make the list because they’re cycling rather than running.  These are in no particular order because I don’t know enough about cycling or triathlons to have an opinion.

  • The Triathlon box. Not the cheapest at £99.99 but it has been filled with a few freebies.
  • Indicataz by  a remote controlled light up sign on bags, vests or backpack attachments that you can use to indicate to cars behind you which direction you are planning to go or if you plan to stop.  The bag is usb charged and lasts up to 20 hours of use whilst the remote control is operated by watch batteries.
  • for their really well designed cycles clothes that are suitable for everyone.

Right, so on to the top ten(ish)

10.1 It’s the fat lad at the back again.  Yes, i know it’s cycle wear but from April they’ll be branching out into running clothes so they’re kinda in the top ten but not quite yet.  They’re the fat lad at the back still for now. 

10. Stinkfree sports detergent from 2Toms  I’ve been looking for a sports detergent for a while and this one seems really good.  It has a great smell too.

9. Individual race signs from Running Memories.  i love the idea that my Berlin Marathon medal (when I get it) can have it’s old little display that’s personalised with my finish time.  Maybe I’ll have six of these eventually if I get to run all of the majors.  There’s so many colour options and £7.49 is not a bad price. 

8. Now, this might seem a bit dull for some but I’m really into elastic laces on my running shoes at the moment.  I always end up fastening my shoes too tight or not tight enough.  i already have one set of Xtenex laces on one lot of shoes but they were expensive and there wasn’t many colours.  Their tribesports have them at the expo in a full range of colours and it’s £14 for two pairs £20 for 3.

7. I think the Unilite senor lights are a very clever idea.  All of the Unilite head torches are really good quality and reasonable priced but I love the innovation of the sensor allowing you to turn off the light quickly even when you can’t feel your fingers.

6. Not so much as something to buy this one but something to do.  Can you judge how far 1k is whilst cycling?  There’s £150 worth of vouchers for the person who comes closest at the Dunns River Nurishment stand and it’s a lot of fun so certainly one to try.  The drink samples are nice too.

5. Whilst you’re doing competitions you might as well go try and win with the Always Aim High guys too.  There’s some great prices worth £100 to be won every day of the expo plus a grand prize worth £1,500 and all you have to do is give them a contact email.

4. 2Toms blister shield.  Just give it a try on your hand and you’ll be amazed (there’s also sports sheild too but I didn’t want 2Toms to take over the top 10.  It was hard choosing between the three products)

3. For the history lesson alone Matthew Crehan makes the top three.  I now know all about Steve Profontaine and plan on googling to find out a lot more.  I love the idea of running as an art form and would the art work is beautiful.  I’m going to start buying Athletics Weekly magazine now so i can read the comics and i’ll be buying The Art of Running; The Steve Profontaine Story

2. The Flipbelt.  I jumped around, it didn’t move.  I filled it with everything but the kitchen sink, couldn’t feel a thing and it didn’t move.  It’s comfortable and it works.  I even forgot to take my phone out before i took it off but the phone stayed nice and safe inside.  Yeah, there’s not really a saving but you get to try it on, check you have the right size and have a go.  I was quite dubious of it until I saw it in person.


And the winner is…

1. free sampler session.  I only saw a bit of one ladies session but it was quite in depth and there’s pretty sound science behind it.  From my understanding it’s far more comprehensive and effective than gait analysis.  A saving of 33% off a full session is quite a saving too.



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