In 2016 I completed:

120 Races 

1224.4 race miles

2 Ultras, 3 24 Hour Solo, 18 Marathons, 15 Half Marathons, 24 parkruns and many many 10k’s, 5k’s and fun runs.

You can see the full race list here.

This is why

I first got ill four years ago.  Sometimes I can’t see, talk, walk, I get tremors, or freeze, my brain stops working and simple things like using a knife and fork become impossible.  I don’t have MS (I don’t know what I have) but I understand the challenges that it causes on a daily basis.  Around 100,000 people in the UK have MS.  MS Society help to support these people whilst at the same time spend hundreds of millions of pounds on research which one day might help find out what is wrong with me too.  When I decided to try and get a charity place for London Marathon the MS Society was the only place I applied and thankfully I managed to get one of their coveted spots.

Towards the end of last year I decided that one marathon wasn’t enough to ask people to part with their money.  Whilst every marathon (and every race) is it’s own challenge, it wouldn’t be my first marathon so it had to be bigger.  It had to be hard work and it had to mean something.  After a lot of thought I came up with a plan… to race (race, not run) 1,000 miles in 2016.  Only races with an official timed races with a start and finish would count (although if my illness made me miss a race I decided I can replace it with a virtual race instead as there’s only so many weekends to race in the year).   Whilst it may not be a challenge to some (especially some of the amazing 100 marathon club members I’ve met) for me this is huge (even just finding enough races is a challenge) but I’m very determined to succeed.  Running saved my life when I got ill.  When I can’t walk or move or talk or I get stuck frozen in my head I think of my next race and it helps me through. I want to try and use that motivation to help others whilst I still can because in a few years time I might not be able to run races any more.

 Thank you so very much to the generosity I have been shown already from friends, family and complete strangers.  You are the reason I have to make myself cross every finish line.  I hate asking for money but if you do have any to spare and would like to sponsor me then you can do so at or you can text.  If you prefer to get something back for your money you can always enter my virtual race for MS instead.